Stickman Hook

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5 months ago

Stickman Hook Description

About Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook is an interesting cool math game with elements of physics and very addicting gameplay, that is about a stick man swinging on a rope. Your goal is to help the stick man to hook and swing on his sticky rope for as long as possible to reach the end of each level. Make him stick to any of the circles so he can move to another circle and so on. There is a finish line, which your character needs to cross to be able to continue further in the game. You can make him bounce off the trampolines, they will increase his speed and make him fly quickly into an opposite direction. Be careful and avoid falling down, or you will need to restart.

How to Play Stickman Hook

The game offers many cool skins that you can unlock for the character. Can you complete all maps and make your stick man cross the finish line? Let’s find out in Stickman Hook game online

Stickman Hook Unblocked

Stickman Hook


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