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Papa’s Scooperia is a 14th sequel to the famous papa’s cool math games series, that you can play online for free at Papa Louie has now opened almost all types of restaurants imaginable. He already owns a successful Freezeria, where the greatest frozen desserts are being served. So he decided to inspire by himself and to open a brand new ice cream shop called Scooperia

How to Play Papas Scooperia

Your mission is to keep this newly opened shop running, keep all loyal customers happy and create new ones! Make the sweetest ice cream around and serve it to the customers. Take orders at the order station. Start making cookies at the dough station. Choose the correct dough, then drag the scooper through the dough until you form a ball. Use some additional ingredients such as chocolate chips and put them on top the cookie dough. Once all ingredients has been added, you can place the dough into the oven for baking. Wait until it’s baked and then send it to the build station, where you will finalize your order by adding an ice cream. Serve your ice cream to the customer and wait for the rating. If the customer is satisfied, you will earn a tip. Can you finish all orders on time and make all your customers satisfied in Papa’s Scooperia cool math game online?

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Papas Scooperia


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