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3 years ago

Coloring Book Description

About Coloring Book

Coloring Book 3

This game is a coloring game and can be very interesting for children. It has 16 pictures and you can choose one of them and then paint it. You have 24 colors and you can also change the size of pencils. You can change the size of pencil by scrolling mouse’s wheel or touching its icon on the screen. It is compatible with touch devices and has auto-resizing feature.

Coloring Book 3 Features:

– Support touch.
– Auto-resize (responsive)
– Smoother & better coloring.
– Optional paint bucket (beta)
– Optional mass parameter (beta)
– Configuration system.
– Print system.
– Appearance customization.
– Includes 24 colors.
– Made with GameMaker Studio
– Works on all HTML5 browsers.

Thank you very much for all of your feedback and comments. Version 3 of Coloring Book has many changes and even the coloring process has become smoother and more precise. And it is now easier to customize the game’s appearance. We have done our best to implement many of your feedback in this version. Hope you enjoy it!

This version runs on all browsers that support HTML5 and even mobile browsers.


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Coloring Book


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